End of Summer Vacation Post

2017-09-06 19:06:05 by DaMastrofSkiTsees

Well, it's my last day of summer vacation. Within all that time, I've uploaded just one track and its cover art. At this point, I just feel like chatting with anybody here in the comments. Because why not?


For the amount of tracks for my Pixelated Adventures album, I have finally set a specific number! I wish to have 11 tracks in the album made and release it before the end of October! It'll be FREE to download don't worry!

If you have no idea what type of music my album has, it is mostly Chiptune, the type of music an NES and a Commodore produced within their games. If you guys don't think that would appeal to you that alone, I have tracks where i combined certain elements of other subgenres of EDM such as Electro and Trance. Hope you guys like it. See ya in October!

New Profile Pic

2016-01-23 23:51:58 by DaMastrofSkiTsees

I took the time to learn Inkscape and I made a this all within 3 hours! What do ya think? The original was a .svg

Before (Top)                                                           After (Bottom)

5431282_145361101081_SkiTProfilePicSept2015.png 5431282_145360957531_SkiTlogoJan2016.png



Finally Some Music!

2015-12-23 17:48:00 by DaMastrofSkiTsees

I did it guys! After days of playing around on FL Studio, I've finally made something for you guys!


Long Time no see

2015-09-30 15:58:30 by DaMastrofSkiTsees

Sorry that I haven't posted anything here since forever. I've been focusing alot on YouTube. I'm gonna release some music here perhaps day after day until I have no more to release. We'll see.


[Edit] Uploading music from what I used is against Newgrounds rules. So... I had to delete everything or else I'd get in some issues. My Soundcloud has the music there. I'll just comment and play games and stuff for now

The mood icons

2015-06-23 16:26:29 by DaMastrofSkiTsees

Wow! Some of the mood icons are similar to Geometry Dash's difficulty faces!